Your old underwear is bad for your health and science explains it

Having good quality underwear that feels nice against the skin is important and can be worth a money investment, but those preferred panties now entering their second year of life should go to the dump. Did you know that you should discard your underwear after 12 months of use? Scientists explain why those soft and comfortable tights, thongs or boxers you bought two years ago can be dangerous to your health.
One year, the shelf life of your underwear according to science

Wearing underwear is important and changing it every day too. However, as much as you wash it carefully and maintain good hygiene, these underwear have a clear expiration date. A study conducted in the United Kingdom found that freshly laundered underwear is home to more than 10,000 bacteria that accumulate and can cause diseases such as urinary infections and allergic reactions.

Briefs, panties, pantyhose, boxers, briefs (or whatever they say in your country) are the garments that spend the most time in contact with your skin in extremely delicate areas. Daily perspiration causes bacteria to feast on your underwear.

Experts recommend that you do not keep your underwear for more than a year, as that is its shelf life. It is not because it breaks or looks dirty, but rather it becomes a danger to your health. Likewise, it is recommended to wash your underwear after each use. In the case that they are new, it is very important to wash them using water at 60ºC before using them for the first time.

Despite these basic recommendations, 18% of men and 10.5% of women in the United States confessed to using them for several days without changing them.

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