Who is ‘Courtside Karen’ Juliana Carlos’ husband Chris Carlos? Relationship explored

uliana Carlos became the talk of the town after she heckled at LeBron James. Here’s a look at who is ‘Courtside Karen’ Juliana’s husband Chris Carlos. The term ‘Courtside Karen’ started trending on Twitter following the incident. LeBron also jumped on the bandwagon as he tweeted, “Courtside Karen was MAD MAD!!” Following the incident, Juliana and her husband Carlos received a lot of backlashes. She eventually came forward and apologized for her behavior.

Who is Chris Carlos? Chris is one of the partners of Republic National Distributing Co. as reported by The Sun. The company is considered to be the second-largest distributor of premium wine. There is no doubt Chris and Juliana have been enjoying a luxurious life as their social media profile acts as proof of that.

The pair often post from their extravagant vacation destinations while also giving a glimpse of their house. Chris previously served as one of the Board of Directors for the March of Dimes. At the same time, he has been part of various communities such as the ones for Ronald McDonald House, Children’s Hospital, and Murphy’s Heart. Aside from this, Chris has made sure he is giving back to the community as he often engages in philanthropic work and donates to charities and non-profits such as Atlanta Ballet and Atlanta Zoo.

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